“Serious manpower issues” in Bailieborough Garda district

A local Garda Superintendent has warned of “serious manpower issues” in the Bailieborough district in Cavan.

Superintendent Gordon Englishby told Cavan’s Joint Policing Committee meeting that he has written to the acting Chief Superintendent to highlight his concerns.

Superintendent Englishby told the meeting that nine Gardaí in the Bailieborough District are likely to be appointed to specialist Garda units.

Five have applied to the Armed Support Units and four to the new protective services unit which will deal with domestic and sexual crimes.

His comments came in the course of a discussion around the setting up of a dedicated drugs unit in the district, mirroring one already operating in Cavan.

Superintendent Englishby said he has written to the acting Chief Superintendent highlighting the issue.

Kingscourt Councillor Clifford Kelly told the meeting that just two Gardaí are now stationed in the town, significantly down on its allocation in recent decades.