Seven local people appear on the latest list of tax defaulters

Seven locals appear on the latest list of tax defaulters published by Revenue.

Almost 126,000 euro in penalties were placed on people from the region by Courts between January and March, for a number of offences. The largest penalties in this region was for the under-declaration of VAT. Household Goods Wholesaler Dermot McCooey from Culloville received a penalty of 113,153 euro.

Three people from Monaghan received fines for the misuse of marked mineral oil, more commonly known as green diesel. Robert Buz from Dr McKenna Terrace in Monaghan town, Uldis Dunauskis from Drumbear Wood, Monaghan town and Fiona Mohan from Tydavnet each received a 2,500 euro fine.

Declan McCann from Drumacon, Castleblayney received a nine month suspended sentence for oil laundering. Valteris Jurksaitis of Castleblayney was fined 2,500 euro for illegally selling cigarettes.

Finally, Knockatallon retailer John McAloon was fined 2,500 euro for alcohol smuggling.