The Shannonside Northern Sound Region has recorded the lowest number of new residential addresses nationwide this quarter.

The latest GeoView Report on Ireland’s residential buildings for Q2 shows that Leitrim has the fewest newly constructed properties in the country, as well as the highest vacancy rates.

This is the first report published since the outbreak of Covid-19 and demonstrates the impact that the restrictions have had on the residential building sector in Ireland.

While nationally the number of new addresses registered has risen by just over 16,500, the construction figures have dropped by 13,661.

Locally, counties in the Shannonside Region have recorded the lowest numbers of new addresses in the 12 months to June.

Leitrim is the lowest with only 46 new properties.

This is followed by Roscommon with 116, and Longford on 123.

Both Cavan and Monaghan come next on the list with only 126, and 152 respectively.

Before the pandemic it was noted that the construction levels were below what was required to meet demand declining year on year by 446.

Again, Leitrim has the weakest activity with 20 properties under construction, followed by Longford on 85, and Roscommon the 6th weakest at 129.

Cavan was the 7th weakest county for construction during this period with 183.

However, Monaghan recorded the 10th highest in the country with 361 properties constructed.

Finally while the vacancy rate nationally was down slightly, Leitrim had the highest vacancy rate at 14.6%, followed by Roscommon on 12.6%.

Cavan and Longford were marginally lower on 8.9% and 8.8% repectively.

And Monaghan performed best in the region with a 5.9% vacancy rate.