Shoppers encouraged to boycott Monaghan’s Tesco store as workers go on strike

‘The only way Tesco will listen to the concerns of its staff is for shoppers to boycott the store.’

That’s according to Mandate Representative for Monaghan, Willie Hamilton.

It comes as Monaghan’s Tesco is one of five more stores to vote in favour of industrial action in a row over new contracts.


Members of the Mandate Trade Union working at Tesco in Monaghan voted 80% in favour of industrial action.

Mandate says 3 of the longest serving employees in the Monaghan Tesco Store are having their terms and conditions unilaterally changed without their agreement.

The trade union claims that no employer is entitled to introduce unilateral change without agreement of the employees.

While Mr Hamilton outlines some of the changes these employees will see to their working conditions.

Mandate also says it has concerns that these changes – that currently affect only the longest serving staff – will come into effect for all employees.

Mr Hamilton says the only way to stop Tesco from making these changes, is consumer power.


The trade union Mandate says 900 workers have been forced to take redundancy by their employer Tesco over the past year.

Staff at nine stores will go on strike on Valentine’s Day next week, a further 5 stores will join the strike on February 17th.


Tesco is trying to change the terms and conditions for staff employed before 1996.

They say this is to give them extra staffing flexibility to cope with a changing market.

1,200 staff were to be affected by the changes – and 900 have taken redundancies over the past year.

John Douglas from Mandate trade union says they were forced out – and are still being made to leave.

Mary, a worker at Tesco in Louth for over 20 years, says they’ve been badly treated.

But Christine Heffernan from Tesco says they’ve been abiding by the Labour Court’s recommendation.

Neither side looks likely to change their position, and a strike is set to begin on Valentine’s Day

Management say the stores will remain open through the strike, but unions are asking people to shop with their conscience.