The finals of the Regional Swimming Competition for Category 2 swimmers was held on Saturday 26th November in Bangor.
Our swimmers all excelled and swam faster times than they did in the divisional swimming on Friday. The standard of competition was very high. ALL swimmers in the backstroke got medals.

Gold Medals
Marc O’Neill – 25m Backstroke…
Jamie Hughes – 25m Backstroke
Jamie Hughes – 25m Freestyle
Clare McElroy – 50m Breaststroke
Paul McKenna – 25m Freestyle
Avril Cogan – 25m Freestyle

Silver Medals
Jayne McEntee – 25m Backstroke
Ciaran Murphy – 25m Backstroke
Mark McElroy – 25m Backstroke
Grace Baxter – 25m Backstroke
Clare McElroy – 50m Backstroke
Grace Baxter – 50m Freestyle

Bronze Medals
Darren Leonard – 25m Backstroke
Ciaran Murphy – 50m Freestyle
Marc O’Neill – 25m Freestyle

4th place
Tom Cloonan – 25m Freestyle
Darren Leonard – 25m Freestyle
Mark McElroy – 25m Freestyle
5th place
Damien Treanor – 25m Freestyle
7th place
Jayne McEntee – 25m Freestyle

Relay Teams
4 x 25m Freestyle – 4th place
Mark, Tom, Jamie Darren

4 x 50m Freestyle – GOLD medals
Ciaran, Jayne, Clare and Grace