Tánaiste warns military action in Syria won’t help

The Tánaiste has warned world leaders that a military escalation over Syria won’t help the situation.

The British Prime Minister has convened her cabinet to consider air strikes after an alleged chemical attack in Douma.

Tánaiste and Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney this morning welcomed the German Foreign Minister to Dublin.

And he was asked if the US, France and the UK should carry out airstrikes in Syria:

Donald Trump has also dialled back the rhetoric today.

After yesterday telling Russia his ‘nice, new and smart’ missiles would be coming, Trump today tweeted that he never said when an attack would happen – adding it could be soon or not so soon at all.

His Defence Secretary James Mattis says they’re standing by:

Not backing down, former Russian general Evgeny Buzhinsky says if Russians are killed in any attacks – they will be avenged:

Meanwhile British Prime Minister Theresa May is convening what’s being called a ‘war cabinet’ to decide what to do.