Teach na nDaoine call for more CCTV coverage in Cortolvin and Mullaghmatt

Teach na nDaoine is calling for more CCTV camera to monitor hotspots for anti-social behaviour in Cortolvin and Mullaghmatt.

Packie Kelly of Teach na nDaoine said the community-based CCTV scheme, which has been in operation since 2010, has been successful in leading to a reduction in anti-social behaviour.

However, he said that hotspots of anti-social behaviour have been moving and more CCTV coverage is needed for these areas.

He added that he is aware of concerns over the handling of CCTV data, but that a handbook has been issued to members of the community outing how the data is used.

Plans have to go to the Municipal District and the Garda Commissioner for approval and Packie Kelly is hopeful that his application will be successful: