Teen arrested after claims he coughed on people on purpose

A teenage boy has been arrested in Waterford in connection with an investigation into people coughing on others on purpose.

He was picked up for a public order offence in Dungarvan on Monday.

Separately, a nurse says a group of teenagers surrounded and coughed on her while she was out for a run in Clontarf in Dublin.

And gardaí are investigating reports of a man coughing into the face of an elderly couple in Co Kildare.

The Health Minister says he’s been coughed at as part of a prank being reported around the country.

A man in his late teens has been arrested in Waterford for allegedly coughing at people in Dungarvan.

While a healthcare worker in Dublin and an elderly couple in Co. Kildare were also targeted this week. Simon Harris says people seem to think it’s a joke.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan says gardaí have the power to act on this so called ‘corona challenge’: