Third of asylum seekers’ applications to work are rejected

The Department of Justice has rejected almost a third of the applications asylum-seekers have made to work in Ireland.

It has deemed more than 1,300 requests to be ineligible.

In June 2018, asylum-seekers were granted permission to work in Ireland for the first time.

They can apply to the Justice Minister to do so if they’ve been in the international protection process for nine months and have been given a first-instance recommendation from the International Protection Office.

According to details released under the Freedom of Information Act, 4,412 people had applied by last month.

3,098 were granted, but 1,314 applications were turned down.

Fianna Fáil’s foreign affairs spokesman, Niall Collins, says it’s good that so many asylum-seekers want to work when they arrive here after fleeing their home countries:

The Department of Justice says 300 people applied too early – they hadn’t been in Ireland for nine months.