Two boys found guilty of murdering Ana Kriegél

Two teenage boys have been found guilty of murdering Ana Kriegel at a derelict farmhouse in Dublin. One of the boys was also convicted of violently sexually assaulting the 14-year-old schoolgirl just over a year ago. The prosecution described the case against BOY A as an “overwhelming forensic” one. When it was pointed out to him following his arrest that her blood was found on the boots he was wearing that day, he asked Gardaí if they were joking.

That wasn’t the only forensic evidence linking him to her and the crime scene. Her blood was found on a backpack seized from his wardrobe, as well as gloves and knee pads inside the bag. A bloodied homemade mask tested positive for both his and Ana’s DNA and his DNA was found on her neck as well as in a semen stain found on her ripped top.

There was no forensic evidence against BOY B and the prosecution relied largely on what came out of his own mouth during his Garda interviews. They believed he played a vital role in her murder by luring her from her home in Leixlip knowing what was to happen to her. The jurors agreed and convicted both of murder today. BOY A was also found guilty of aggravated sexual assault. Sentencing will take place at a later date.