A two year extension to the Agricultural Glas Scheme is wanted in Ballybay

Members of the Ballybay Clones MD are calling for a two year extension to
the Agricultural GLAS Scheme.

GLAS 1 and 2 are due to end on the 31st of December this year, and the 31st
of December 2021, which will leave 36,000 farmers without that support until
the new CAP scheme in 2023 and its Environmental Programmes.

Fianna Fail’s Seamus Coyle raised concerns that farmers in this region will
suffer a significant loss of income as the maximum payment is 5,000 euro
under GLAS, and most Monaghan farmers receive approximately 3,000-4,000

He told Shannonside Northern Sound that he wants the Government to act
immediately to provide some security for farmers: