NCBI Radio Bingo

Thank you for playing NCBI Radio Bingo!

To win or share in today’s daily prize of €400, you must fill today’s panel using any of these numbers. Telephone claims must be made to the Radio Bingo Claim Line on 043 334 9393  BEFORE 6pm on the day the numbers are called (T's & C's apply).

Remember - Jackpot Day is this Wednesday 7th December 2022 and jackpot is €3,000!

And our Bingo 300 Promotion book numbers for today are –

If you have any of these 3 book numbers (0233, 0650 or 0036) on the front cover of your week 48 book you can win €100!! Claims must be made before 6pm this evening on 043 33 49393!!  (T’s & C’s apply).

Tune in Monday to Friday at 8.50am for the live draw! You can hear these numbers again at: 10.05am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 4.45pm.

You can also find each day’s numbers on our Facebook Page!

Thank you for playing Radio Bingo and supporting the NCBI.

Radio Bingo 300 Promotion Information:

Radio Bingo 300 Promotion runs from Monday 28th November to Friday 2nd December otherwise stated as Week 48 and from Monday 19th December to Friday 23rd December otherwise stated as Week 51. The Bingo promotion runs Monday to Friday as per the regular game.

The prizes for the Radio Bingo 300 promotion are as follows -

Week 48

Monday 28/11 – 3 x €100

Tuesday 29/11 – 3 x €100

Wednesday 30/11 – 3 x €100

Thursday 1/12 – 3 x €100

Friday 2/12 – 3 x €100


Week 51

Monday 19/12 – 3 x €100

Tuesday 20/12 – 3 x €100

Wednesday 21/12 – 3 x €100

Thursday 22/12 – 3 x €100

Friday 23/12 – 3 x €100


Each weekday immediately after the live NCBI Radio Bingo draw at 8.50am; 3 Week 48/51 Bingo book numbers which have been drawn at random will be announced by the presenter.

The player with the matching Week 48/51 bingo book number must call the NCBI Radio bingo claim line on 043 33 49393 before 6.00pm on the day the number is called. Failure to contact the NCBI Radio Bingo claim line before the deadline will mean that the prize is lost.

The player with the matching book number will win €100.

Winner(s) will be validated and prize will be issued only on the receipt of the NCBI Radio Bingo book with the correct book number for Week 48 or 51.

Winning bingo book must be sent via registered post to –
Radio Bingo 300 Promotion, Shannonside Northern Sound, Master Tech Business Park, Athlone Road, Longford and must reach us by Thursday 8th December (for Week 48) and by Thursday 5th January (for Week 51) Radio Bingo 300 Promotion winners for week 48 will be announced on Friday 9th December and Week 51 winners will be announced on Friday 6th January.

Where to buy an NCBI Radio Bingo Books

NCBI Radio Bingo Terms & Conditions

How to Play Radio Bingo


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