Eirgrid says estimates of cost per kilometre for Interconnector are “grossly” overstated

Eirgrid says estimates of the cost per kilometre for the North South Interconnector have been “grossly” overstated.

It was responding to claims made on social media by NEPPC.

It had been claimed that there was a difference of €2 million in the cost per kilometre for construction between the North and Republic of Ireland.

This had raised questions of where the difference was coming from, and how at the lower price, it would be almost equal to the price of undergrounding.

In response, the energy operator said the calculations didn’t account for the construction of a substation in Tyrone which has an unknown cost of “tens of millions of euro”.

Eirgrid said its estimate for the construction of the interconnector on both sides of the border remains at €286 million.