HEAR MORE: Local businesses talk about the My Monaghan tourism series

My Monaghan is a series of videos which showcases the best of what Monaghan’s tourism sector has to offer. Local businesses who have taken part in the series have been speaking to the Wider View about their reasons for joining the project, as well as giving more information about what service their business provides.

Brehon Brewhouse is located just outside Carrickmacross and is based on a dairy farm. The idea for the craft beer brewhouse came from the owners trying to find a way to supplement their income due to the changing price of milk:


Liz Christy is a handweaver from Annyalla who is based at Swallow Studios.  She started handweaving in 1987 and developed her skills by studying textiles in college. Her designs are inspired by the work of Monet as well as local inspiration such as the poems of Patrick Kavanagh:


Family run business Irish County Quads is located just outside Inniskeen and it opened its doors to the public in the early nineties. The business offers a range of activities for a range of ages such as quad biking, clay pigeon shooting, and shuffleboard:


Buzy Bee Ceramics was started by Brenda McGinn in Glaslough. The owner had an interest in pottery from a young age. She started her from her kitchen table and has now grown into a business. People can avail of ceramics classes through the building and make their own pottery:


Drumore River Tours was started by Oliver Gibson provides guided river tours of Drumore Lough. The owner grew up had been out on boats from a young age, so the business was a natural progression after he opened his bed and breakfast:


Rally School Ireland was opened in 1999 by David Smith, with the business soon to be celebrating 20 years in business. The rally school offers a range of activities for all ages including rally lessons as well as a safety school: