HEAR MORE: Monaghan haulier says Brexit checks are leaving supermarket shelves empty

A Monaghan haulier says the new Brexit checks at Irish ports will leave supermarket shelves empty.

Darren Murphy is the Managing Director of BM Transport in Killeevan and said trucks and trailers are being stranded in the UK because of clearance checks.

As of January 1st suppliers need extra documentation to allow freight cross the Irish Sea, but Customs Clearance Officers are overwhelmed by the demand.

This has led to days of delays, or loads not making it to Ireland at all.

Meanwhile, DPD UK is pausing its parcel delivery services to Ireland until at least Wednesday January 13th.

The company has put its European deliveries on hold following Brexit, saying the past few days have been challenging.

In a statement, it says “significant changes” are required to the way it takes parcels cross-border.

DPD UK says Brexit has led to more complex processes, which have placed extra pressure on its turnaround and delivery times.

An Post insists its delivery systems are trading smoothly for UK online retailers sending goods to Ireland.

The company says it has digital solutions in place to simplify the customs process, which 95 per cent of its UK clients have signed up to.

However it does say some delays should be expected due to UK retailers bedding in their new data requirements before shipping them here.

Darren says poor communication and a lack of preparation on a number of fronts have created this situation.

He joined Aaron McElroy on The Wider View and started by outlining what’s been one of the most challanging weeks of his career.