Monaghan poultry farmers “living in fear” of H6N1 bird flu

Poultry farmers in Monaghan are “living in fear” of the H6N1 bird flu.

605,173 hens and turkeys have been culled on local farms already this year, with the most recent outbreak recorded just last week.

The Department of Agriculture is aware of 13 outbreaks, all are within County Monaghan.

The H6N1 strain is a non-notifiable flu, and extremely infectious among birds.

It doesn’t kill flocks in high numbers and is no risk to human health.

Flocks are culled for commercial reasons, to stop the spread to neighbouring farms.

The IFA’s Poultry Chair Andrew Boylan said it’s as prominent as ever, but the concern isn’t confined to one county.

The Department of Agriculture is offering compensation, but Andrew Boylan says it’s not going to be around forever, so farmers must be extra vigilant on bio-security.