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The Hands that Built South America

May 29, 2020 19:05 By News Northern Sound
The Hands that Built South America The Hands that Built South America
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The stories of Irish People who influenced the course of South American History.

Prog 1 - William Brown - Father of the Argentine Navy


Prog 2 - Eliza Lynch - Heroine of a Nation


Prog 3 - Don Juan Mackenna - The Liberator

Prog 4 - The Brazilian Irish


Following are the Full Interviews from South America with more conversation about these subjects.

Full Interview with Fr Pat Clarke in the Favelas of Sao Paulo.


Full Interview with Peter O'Neill in Rio deJanerio.


Full Interview with Laura Izarra at University of Sao Paulo.

Full Interview with Tom Hennigan - Irish Times Correspondent Brazil.

Full Interview with David McLoughlin of 'Brasil Calling' Music Company.

Full Interview with Liam Gallagher -Translator and Businessperson -Sao Paulo.

Full Interview with Michael Gallagher and Ian Doyle in Charleville re; Eliza Lynch.

Full Interview with Esteban Burt in Asuncion on the story of Eliza Lynch.

Full Interview with Historian Ana Barreto Valinotti and Leticia at the grave of Eliza Lynch.

Full Interview with Hugo Jorge Santillán -Naval Commander on Admrl William Brown.

Full Interview with Guillermo McLoughlin of 'The Southern Cross' re; Admrl W.Brown.

Full Interview with Patrick Cussens MacKenna, relative of Don Juan MacKenna of Chile.




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