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Podcast: John McGuirk

Sep 29, 2022 12:09 By News Northern Sound
Podcast: John McGuirk Podcast: John McGuirk
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On the Joe Finnegan Show, Joe spoke to Monaghan Journalist John McGuirk about this listener letter that came into the show.

Can I advise of a situation I encountered this morning in Monaghan town. After leaving my son to the bus station I came across a teenage girl in some distress. I tactfully approached her where she recounted that she was sitting at the station from 10pm the preceding evening in the wind cold & rain

She was soaked through and barely able to talk. I gathered from her that she was refused entry onto the bus for some reason her phone was dead & she was unable to access funds


My instinct was to invite her to ours where she could shower have something to eat get clothes dried etc and left back in with charged phone. That would be the Christian thing to do, however the pragmatic side warned that that action would not be appropriate for a middle aged man to do.

All I could do was give her a few euros until the cafeteria opened and leave.

It’s a very sad indictment of our society & corporate self righteousness & greed these days. I hope to god she gets home to her loved ones safely… the human side of care for one another, in my opinion, is gone.. pet dogs & cats have more rights these days


My conscience is fairly stinging at the moment

Take a listen to John McGuirks conversation about the listeners letter with Joe here.

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