Questions raised over status of local roads and lane-ways due for works in Ballybay-Clones MD

Questions have been raised over the status of local roads, and lane-ways due for works under the Local Improvement Scheme in the Ballybay-Clones MD.

Councillors were seeking information on the number of jobs being done each year, as well as a list outlining the lanes that would have work done in 2020.

The members were told that the work was dependent on the funding received and could see any-where between 15-20 jobs done per annum.

However, there is a backlog of applications as the council inherited older lists which were a result of the decision to stop the scheme during the recession.

It is hoped that some of the older works will be cleared by the end of this year.

Councillor Sean Gilliland said that there are a number of reasons that the list of works can’t be published a number of years in advance.

Often people will pay to have their lanes completed themselves which will see them moved from the list, while other circumstances, like the pandemic this year can slow the work that was expected to be completed.