Reports of domestic abuse in Cavan-Monaghan up almost 30 per cent in four years

Reports of domestic abuse in the local region have increased almost 60 per cent since 2016.

Figures released to Sinn Fein TD Mark Ward show that up to the 23rd of November, the Cavan-Monaghan region had the highest number of incidences reported locally at 231 this year.

However, that figure is just a 29 per cent increase on 2016.

In Sligo-Leitrim, reports increased 92 per cent in the past four years, while in Roscommon-Longford there was almost a 100 per cent increase in domestic abuse cases.

There have been renewed calls for domestic refuges to be set up in the Shannonside Northern Sound region, as local counties are some of the only ones not to have a designated site for victims of domestic abuse.