UK Licence Holders Living in Ireland No Longer Recognised – Interview with Martha Grant – The Wider View

The RSA have advised that any UK Licence holders living in Ireland may need to swap their licence for the Irish equivalent before the 29th of March. This is because in the case of a No Deal Brexit anyone who holds a UK Licence, which has always been accepted in Ireland, will no longer be recognised.

The NDLS have said that the average waiting time to swap licences is 17 days, which leaves a narrow time frame for those affected to apply and receive their new licence before the 29th.

If there is No Deal then anyone who is carrying a UK licence while living and driving in the South of Ireland could face penalties or fines.

Our reporter Sheila Naughton spoke to Down native Martha Grant who has been living South of the border for 6 years, uses her car for work, and currently holds a UK driving licence, to get her thoughts on this recent Brexit complication;