WOMEN’S SERIES: Some of the women behind Combi-Lift on life as Engineers and Manufacturers

In 2018 only 16% of engineering graduates were women. Members of Engineer’s Ireland are hoping that they can use things like engineers week and promotion of engineering as a subject in education at all levels will maybe help close the gender gap.

As part of our ‘Working for Balance’ Series this week, our reporter Sheila Naughton made a visit to Combi-Lift. There she met three of the women in the company who all encouraged more women to go for it when it comes to manufacturing and engineering.

She first spoke with Allannah from Monaghan who is an apprentice in Combi-Lift about what she has done as part of the programme and what the positive impact it’s had.

Then she caught up with Aoife Mcilliney who works with the LEAN and Quality Department.

And finally she met Jennifer McCormack, who spoke about her journey to become an engineer and her current role in Combi-lift where she is the only woman on her team.