250 people signed petition against construction of human crematorium in Broomfield

250 people has signed a petition against the construction of a human crematorium in Broomfield.

It’s claimed 2 in 5 parents would not be sending their children to the adjacent school if planning permission was to be granted and construction proceed.

In September, a planning application was lodged by Olive Cunningham to construct a single storey human crematorium and chapel of rest at Aghnafarcan, Broomfield within the same complex as a previously approved but as of yet undeveloped pet crematorium.

The appeal is being brought by EHP Services on behalf of the Aghnafarcan Residents Group, and argues a number of points of the application.

This includes that the group feels the business is ‘entirely inappropriate’ for the rural area, and that it will have ‘profound and widespread negative impacts’ to the wider population.

It also questions the scale of the business adding that the development will not be ‘low key’ as presented in the application, and that the lack of providers in the area will create a ‘massive inter-county and cross border catchment population’.

In the 151 pages of scanned documents, residents also reference a concern over the rural setting and the impact that it will have on the roads and other infrastructure, and the fact the notice wasn’t published in a paper circulated in the locality.

The principal of St Bridget’s National School, which is an estimated 100 metres from the site, also submitted an appeal saying that it would have a negative impact on the school, through environmental concerns and the psychological implications it could have when children are aware of what would take place next door.

Marie Rafferty added that 40 per cent of local parents have indicated they’d remove their children from the school if a green light is given.

A total of 250 local residents signed a petition calling on Monaghan County Council to refuse permission for the development.

A decision is due on Thursday.