HEAR MORE: Homelessness becoming more prevalent in local areas

Homelessness is an issue which is becoming increasing prevalent in local areas as more and more families are being forced to turn to charities to help them find suitable emergency accommodation. In Cavan 11 people were recorded as being homeless, with Monaghan recording 4 at the end of April this year.

This week Francis, a woman from Monaghan sought emergency accommodation for her family as her current accommodation is unsuitable. The woman said her family have been placed in a precarious position:


Francis Doherty, Head of Communications at the Peter McVerry Trust spoke to The Wider View after the story of the Monaghan family came to light. He pointed out that many people are being forced to live in emergency accommodation such as a B&Bs or are going back to living with other family members.

The spokesperson for the trust also mentioned that they are liaising with Monaghan County Council to try and restore buildings to help deal with the social housing need in the county.

You can hear the full interview here: