HEAR NOW: A visit to Streatyard the new Monaghan Hot-Spot

At this stage many of us have heard of and tried the food by Blasta Street Kitchen, which has now expanded to supermarkets, and even seen the emergence of a line of sauces and food products.

But now Sean McCleary and his partner Nikita have branched out and set up Streatyard in Corcaghan in Monaghan.

The venue provides, food, drinks, entertainment, and also helps new emerging food a beverage businesses launch their products.

Sheila Naughton visited Streatyard recently on what was a very busy Saturday night with live music.

That night there was a new gin being launched by the Old Carrick Mill and she spoke to them about their limited edition drink, which you can hear more about below:


Sheila also heard from some of the people who were there enjoying the new venue, as well as hearing from the brain behind the business.

Seany McCleary told her all about setting up the yard, as well as an exciting new venture they have embarked on where they launch and develop other food and beverage brands nationally.

Under their street school project they have been helping to connect Irish food start-ups with suppliers in their locality.